Linux Driver Development for the 3Com Vortex Series Chips

This page contains development information on the Linux device drivers for the 3Com Vortex/Boomerang/Cyclone chips, as used on the 3Com PCI ethercards. The master copy of this page resides on the CESDIS WWW server.


People associated with this project are
Donald Becker
Egbert Eich
Mike Sievers

Diagnotic program

A diagnostic program is available to help debug problems.

Development Issues

A clean MII ioctl() interface.

See mii_look.c for a prototype user-level application.

Current driver issues:

  • Recovery from a 16 collision hang.


    Some of the interrupt sources are only cleared by removing their source:
      StatsFull	      by reading the statistics counters.
      DMADone	      by acking in Wn7_MasterStatus
      AdapterFailure      by fixing whatever broke!?
    		      Usually a Tx or Rx FIFO problem -> Tx/Rx reset.

    CESDIS is located at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt MD.

    Author:Donald Becker,